The PAD (Membership)

The PAD (Membership)

  • Productivity: Know what uniquely works best for you to get more done every day.
  • Accountability: Daily, weekly, and monthly check-ins available to keep you on track.
  • Discipline: Those to-do's you keep putting off? You'll not only figure out why, but create lasting habits so they actually get ta-done.
  • ​The Pineapple Process: 3 week journey done LIVE so you'll have support every step of the way. Discover, develop, and execute a plan for you and your business to finally get unstuck.
  • Unstuck Yourself Session (up to 2 hours) 
  • Access to ALL previously created Leslie Pineapple courses and trainings
  • Weekly Q&A Calls
  • Monthly expert masterclasses
  • Scheduled pomodoro (productivity/working) sessions

4 Modules

The PAD Additional Resources

Journal Prompts

We talk a lot about reflection in our community and some have said they may have an easier time journaling if they had some prompts, so here they are! 

Each lesson labeled and indicates which kind of prompts/questions they contain. Hope these help, fam!

Modules for this product 4
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