52 Email Prompts - Email Your List for a Whole Year (Created by Cass Davis)

52 Email Prompts - Email Your List for a Whole Year (Created by Cass Davis)

You want to grow your email list but don’t know what to say once people are on there…

You know that email marketing is still one of the most effective and least expensive way of connecting with your audience and making sales.

You know that once you’ve gone through all the effort of freebies, landing pages and sign up forms to get people on your list, you need to say something to keep them there!

We’ve all received emails from someone who we don’t remember giving our email address to, usually because they never email us.
Or worse…We only hear from them when they’ve got something to sell. Where’s the connection? The value? The reason for being on the list?

You know you don’t want your list to feel like that about you!
But what do you say to your list to build that connection, build that trust and position yourself as someone they want to work with to help solve their problem?

Note: This is being sold on this platform with permission from Cass Davis
THAT’S WHERE THE 52 EMAIL PROMPTS COME IN…Crafted and created by Cass Davis, you'll get a list of 52 customizable prompts to help you write emails that:

  • help you share value and position yourself as someone who can help,
  • stop writer’s block and a lack of inspiration from getting in the way of you growing your business,
  • build trust with your list and make selling easier.

No more not knowing what to say and ending up not saying anything, then wondering why you’re not growing your list or making more sales. By using the 52 email prompts you’ll be able to send at least one email a week to your list. And thanks to it largely being fill in the blanks, it’s easy to reuse and create even more content.

What you’ll get:

  • A pdf containing the 52 email prompts, split into categories,
  • A content calendar template to help you make the most of each and every piece of content you create.
  • BONUS: 100 questions to ask on social media to boost engagement

3 Modules

52 Prompts PDF

Creating a Content Calendar

BONUS: 100 Questions

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